Ct5 template mod 5 | Human Resource Management homework help

  For each of the individual learning preference topics that follow, brainstorm about instructional design considerations specific to your selected business/organization and the identified learner needs from your needs assessment: David Kolb’s four basic learning styles Ned Hermann’s brain-based approach Visual, Auditory, Reading, and Kinesthetic (VARK) model Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences. Prior to outlining the […]

7 questions | Computer Science homework help

   1) Read this Time article and view the video(https://time.com/5168202/russia-troll-internet-research-agency/) explaining how Russian trolls spread fake news.  Discuss in 500 words whether the government should regulate Facebook more closely.   Use at least three sources. Use the Research Databases available from the Danforth Library(https://libguides.nec.edu/az.php), not Google.   Include at least 3 quotes from your sources enclosing […]

Carah and louw: the industrial production of meaning

Read the following chapter of your textbook and upload your notes Carah, N. & Louw, E. (2015). The industrial production of meaning.  In N. Carah & E. Louw, Media and society: production, content and participation. Sage publications, Ltd. (pp. 39-58) Note-taking DO NOT simply cut and paste quotations from the text to fulfill the requirements […]

4.4 book review | Management homework help

  Choose a book on conflict resolution, conflict management, or negotiation, and write a review of the book. The book can be selected from the list of additional recommended resources or you can find your own book. If you select a book not on the list of additional recommended resources, please get it approved by […]

Answer case question | Literature homework help

Nike, as many other companies like Tesla, Lyft, Airbnb, Starbucks, along with numerous tech giants have raised their voice related to political concerns.  The information below offers some background and overviews of ​Nike’s controversial ad. ​ After critically reflection on the sources​, post your response to the following question: Is an organization taking a political […]

Business law assignment 8 questions

  MAKE SURE TO ADD ALL CITING AT THE END OF YOUR ASSIGNMENTS AS WELL.  Please post your answers  in detail to:   Chapter 2 assignment : Essay questions with citing. #1,2,3,4- page 47 Chapter 5 assignment: Essay questions  1,2,3,4 page 132-133  1. The Senate recently released a report on wrongdoing at JP Morgan Chase. […]

Week 7 assignment | Accounting homework help

For this Assignment, review Case 14-1, “Global Oil” in Chapter 14 (pp. 649-654) of your course text and reflect on the information presented. Consider how the balanced scorecard should be implemented, including how it the results of this implementation might contribute to organizational decision making. The Assignment: Provide a critical analysis of M&R’s implementation of […]

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