Research paper in ecology lab

5 pages  Scientific Research Paper  You will write a lab report using the scientific format of introduction, methods, results, and discussion to report the findings of this lab. You need to search the literature on  edge effects for your introduction and to support or to compare with your conclusions for  the discussion section of your […]

Lesson 7 | health education

 Design an effective communication and marketing plan to inform the public of the education program.  Integrate the use of social media into the plan.  Make it engaging, exciting, and informative.  Use different media to market the plan.  Be sure to address the audience. 

Unit 1.2 db: case study

  One of Dr. Martinson’s private practice clients, Sara, divulges she had an affair with her former counselor who is employed in the same agency as Dr. Martinson. Sara also reports that the other counselor had been physically and sexually abusive towards her 4-year-old son. Dr. Martinson decides not to say anything to his accused […]

Criminal justice administration | Criminal Justice

   MY ASSIGNMENT IS ON: DEATH INVESTIGATION ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES References and citations are to be in APA 7th edition format if you use them in the paper.  Assignment is to be a minimum of 5 pages in length of text material. (Not including cover page, abstract, and reference pages) Proper grammar and spelling are required. […]

Free exercise clause (of 1st amendment) forum

TOPIC: Free exercise clause (of 1st Amendment) forum  5 Scholarly References: 30 points (6 points per reference) Instructions Use Virtual Library to locate, retrieve, and briefly summarize 5 scholarly resources (peer-reviewed journal articles) on your topic. List all references in APA style format. 

Finding a family assessment | Sociology homework help

 After viewing the movie “Finding A Family”. Students will complete a family assessment  1.  Students were encouraged to view the movie as a  “CASE”.  2.  Students should have taken notes in order to complete the attached assessment.   3.  Make sure to read the instructions carefully and complete the entire assessment.

After you’ve reviewed the “thou shalt not commit logical fallacies”

After you’ve reviewed the “Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallacies” tutorial posted in the weekly folder, select at least two of the fallacies presented that you have personally encountered in an argument made in the television media, in a print publication, in a speech, or perhaps even in a face-to-face discussion with a peer. Using […]

Vct 235 week 2 individual assignment photo manipulation

The individual assignments in this course build upon each other to design and develop an image banner that can be used as a Web site masthead or for other electronic and print publications, such as report covers. The College of IS&T banner on the Course Notes serves as an example of an image banner composition. […]

leadership development report | English homework help

u need to complete a personality test. (google CMU(leadership competency assessment) or jung typology test) and using the result to help in writing this report.   can write (i) inspire to be etc (as first person) can use non-academic journal/web minimum 5 references   the steps of this assignment has been uploaded. i have also […]

Diversity activity powerpoint | SOCW 6051 – Diversity, Human Rights, and Social Justice | Walden University

 Cultural competence and cultural humility require lifelong learning and critical self-reflection. To be both culturally competent and humble, social workers must continue to learn about oppressed populations and challenge their normal way of thinking and viewing the world, to absorb others’ experiences and cultures. Recall the Week 2 Journal in which you identified a population […]

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