Ideal course of patient education

  Sister Mary is a patient in Level 2 Emergency Department. She must have a neural examination, physical assessment, radiographs of her facial bones, and a computed tomography scan of the head. Taking into consideration that she is a Roman Catholic nun, what would be the ideal course of patient education as this woman progresses […]

Final project milestone three: building common ground

Based on the case study transcripts provided, look for instances in which the characters employed communication to manage the situation, collect relevant information, and build common ground. Then, identify practices through which the team can rebuild trust. Finally, determine the best course of action for resolving the conflict and provide your recommendations for moving forward

Case analysis involving medical ethics using irac method

 Competency Analyze legal concepts relative to the healthcare profession. Student Success Criteria View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane. Scenario Analyze ethical and legal implications of cases involving bioethics. Two examples of highly publicized cases […]

Depression | Education homework help

The subject is Rhetorical Arts Below are the specific rules: 1) At least FIVE Scholarly sources must be cited. 2) Use at least TWO evidence type for the cited sources. (See the evidence type sheet below) 2) The paper is SEVEN pages total, NOT including bibliography page. (so 8 pages total including the bibliography) 3) […]

Pillars | Education homework help

Pick 2 pillars from the Participation Playbook from Twitter (that was required reading in this module.) Find an example (not used in the reading) of a brand (ANY brand) using the best practice described in the pillar. Include the actual tweet (both as a screenshot, but also a live link) in your document. (Note if you are […]

Bonilla-silva’s pessimism about real change regarding race in the us

1. Identify and discuss two reasons that Bonilla-Silva is pessimistic about changes to racism in the United States.  2. Analyze why you agree or disagree with the two reasons above.  3. What are some of Bonilla-Silva′s suggestions for contending with racism in the United States. 

defining your team | Human Resource Management homework help

 Your organization is building a new plant in the southwestern United States. This is the first time that a human resources professional will be part of the design team that is establishing the new personnel systems for the plant. You expect your candidates to be very diverse in their backgrounds and experience levels. The plant director has asked you […]

Ifsm 370 project 5: final assessment paper instructions introduction

IFSM 370 Project 5: Final Assessment Paper Instructions IntroductionThis is an individual project. Using the case study below, develop a 3 – 5 page paperthat is well organized and provides specific answers to each part of the assignment.The document must be complete and demonstrate that you can apply what you havelearned in the course. The […]

Submit a summary of six of your articles on the discussion board on

   Discuss Topic 1 This is a discussion post, ABOUT 250 WORDS, tittle page not require In- text citation is required original work please, scholarly references are required for this assignment, website source strongly preferred. QUESTION 1 Submit a summary of six of your articles on the discussion board. Discuss one strength and one weakness […]

Career interest presentation | Psychology homework help

13 slides – APA Format – 3 academic references,    presentation should include the following subsets of psychology: Developmental, Personality, Learning/Memory and Psychopathology, BioPsychology and Perception Psychology.    <<<< <<<<<FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHED>>>>>>

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