Basically, it is a poster presentation of the article that you

  Basically, it is a poster presentation of the article that you evaluated on week 5. The poster presentation is necessary for research to facilitate readers and audiences a review of all the important information about the research without them to read the entire paper. I uploaded a poster template and an example for you […]

These will be graded on length, quality of answers, specific

  These will be graded on length, quality of answers, specific reference to the texts, and analytical thought. So please include short quotes from the  videos and other readings. Think about what you want to say, organize your thoughts well, and develop and provide evidence or explanation for your assertions. There is a minimum word count […]

Pre-incident planning | Government homework help

   Pre-incident planning allows emergency responders to anticipate the resources and procedures needed to meet specific demands within their jurisdictions. The two primary customers served by fire prevention bureaus are the citizens we protect and fire department operations. There are many ways fire prevention can support fire department operations. One service that is often overlooked […]

Correlation coefficient between age and height

     using   Microsoft Excel, compute a correlation coefficient between age and height,   following instructions in your lecture. using the appropriate table in your   textbook, find the critical value to determine whether the correlation   coefficient between these two variables is significant, following   instructions in your lecture.    

Write compile and run a program

Write, compile and run a program that works some of the functionality provided by the C++map container. Read data from a file into your map and produce various outcomes listed below via various user-defined methods. Use a menu for user friendliness. The file spec includes for each record a last name followed by a first […]

Schopp corporation | Accounting homework help

Schopp Corporation makes a mechanical stuffed   alligator that sings the Martian national anthem. The following information   is available for Schopp Corporation’s anticipated annual volume of 491,000   units. The company has a desired ROI of 25%. It has invested assets of   $27,207,000. Compute the total cost per unit. (Round answer to 2 decimal   places, e.g. 10.50.) […]

Findings | HLSS 699 | American Military University

For this assignment you will write the Findings/Results/Discussion section of your thesis. Set forth below is the explanation for this section from the End of Program Manual (EOP): Findings/Results/Discussion: This section describes the results of the study. Keep in mind that the “results” are the direct observations of the research, while the “discussion” is the interpretation of […]

Persuasive message (draft) | Management homework help

  Write a rough draft of your Persuasive Message assignment, responding to the prompt below. Upload it to this Canvas drop box by the deadline specified on Canvas. At the top of your draft document, before your message headers, you should also include 1 – 2 sentences identifying the kinds of errors or issues you […]

Social entrepreneurship/sustainability project | Innovation entrepreneur economic development

My entrepreneur is Kyle Woumn, please research and answer 5 page report with the below questions and follow the below requirements. Questions: Describe your entrepreneur. Why did they get involved in this industry/sector? What is the business/initiative that your entrepreneur has created? What problem does the business address and how? Which type of innovation (Product, […]

Body positioning and room design

  Body language is a form of nonverbal communication that accompanies speech. Common forms of body language are eye contact, posture, facial expression, and fine and gross movement. Social workers must understand how these seemingly simple, sometimes unconscious, body language responses may have a lasting effect by encouraging or discouraging a client. Body language with […]

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