Could you answer the following questions?Riverbed’s

Riverbed’s Custom Construction Company is considering three new projects, each requiring an equipment investment of $25,080. Each project will last for 3 years andproduce the following net annual cash flows. Year AA BB CC1 $7,980 $11,400 $14,8202 10,260 11,400 13,6803 13,680 11,400 12,540 Total $31,920 $34,200 $41,040 The equipment’s salvage value is zero, and Riverbed uses straight-line depreciation. Riverbed will not accept any project with a cash payback period over 2 years.Riverbed’s required rate of return is 12%. Click here to view PV table.(3)Compute each project’s payback period. (Round answers to 2 decimal places, e.g. 15.25.) AA yearsBB years CC years

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