Annitated Bibliography on one ofthese topics: Choose one that you are very familiar with! A sample of how an annotated bibliography is shown toward the end. Must be two to three pages double space

Annitated Bibliography on one ofthese topics: Choose one that you are very familiar with! A sample of how an
annotated bibliography is shown toward the end. Must be two to three pages double spaced!
globalization and outsourcing
pace of life and work
evolving workplace technologies
influence of social media
ethical challenges
Using APA Style
The purpose of this short research paper is to ensure proper understanding and application of APA style as required in all Ashford courses.
Using the Ashford Online Library, develop an annotated bibliography on one of the following factors that has had a significant impact on business and management communication in the past decade:
Your annotated bibliography requires at least six (6) peer-reviewed articles, full reference information, and a short paragraph description of the main findings. You can visit the Ashford Writing Center for help with writing an Annotated Bibliography by clicking
To receive maximum points, all of the following elements must be included in your paper:
Must be two to three double-spaced pages in length (not including the title), and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
Must include a
with the following:
Must use at least six scholarly sources from the Ashford Online Library. One of the six sources may be the text.
Must include at least one direct quote from one of the sources (see
Guidelines for Quoting Sources
Must include at least one summarized statement from one of the sources (see
Guidelines for Summarizing Sources
Sample of an annotated bibliography!
Annotated Bibliography Best, J. (1998). Too much fun: Toys as social problems and the inte1pretation of culture. Symbolic Interaction, 21(2), 197-212. Retrieved from
Sociologist Joel Best argues that social anxiety about popular children’s entertainment—especially that they might exert “dark” influence over—are not new. He points to newspaper and book commentaries dating back a century to demonstrate that these kinds of fears have been around for a long time. Back then, people worried about violent imagery in the cheap adventure novels sold to boys. In more recent times, the focus shifted to movies and television, and it now hovers around violent video games.
This article is relevant to my paper because it asserts that violence in terms of children’s playtime and toys has been an on-going issue since before video games were invented, which supports my claim that video games cannot be held responsible for aggressive behaviors in children. Poiter, G., & Starcevic, V. (2007). Are violent video games harmful? Australasian Psychiatry, 15(5), 422-426. doi:10.1080/10398560701463343.
Psychiatric researchers Guy Poiter and Vladan Starcevic conducted a broad examination of the literature on video games and aggression that was available in 2007 when this article was published. Their analysis includes a study that found that adolescents who play violent video games also exhibit more hostility and aggressive behavior through fights, arguments, and poor school performance. The authors also reviewed studies Annotations are indented half an inch (.5). Leave a space between your citation and your annotation. Sources are cited according to APA references list guidelines. The first paragraph of each annotation summarizes the main points from the source. The second paragraph of each annotation explains how the source is relevant to the paper or project.
involving individuals playing violent video games in a laboratory setting that demonstrate a connection between the video game play and aggressive feelings and behaviors. They conclude that while available evidence does not demonstrate a direct causal connection between violent play and violent acts, it does suggest that violent play has the potential to worsen “hostile” and “antisocial” personal traits in individuals already possessing violent tendencies.
The research article is crucial to my claim of violet video games not being the cause of violence being made because it presents reasonable and scientifically-founded doubt that video games caused violence.

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