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this discussion 1 for this class Teaching Art and Music in Early Childhood
200-250 words for this class and i need reference
Recognizing and Evaluating Stages of Art
In your Readings this week you read about the three basic levels in drawing that apply to early childhood development: the scribble stage, the basic forms stage, and the pictorial stage. When early childhood professionals can recognize and evaluate each stage through direct observation of a child’s art work, then they are best able to plan appropriate art activities and materials for toddlers, preschoolers, and school aged children K–2nd grade.View the following videos from the Colorado Department of Education found in your Web resources: Jacob at the Easel, Kyrill at the Easel, Kyrill and Kira at the Easel, and Sam Draws a Scarecrow.Source: Results Matter Video Library – Practicing Observation, Documentation and Assessment Skills, Colorado Department of Education. Retrieved from• Select which stage of art development best characterizes each picture.• Explain any differences in scribble stage examples such as: early or late period, types of scribbles (circular, jagged, etc.); control of crayon or marker.• Explain any differences in basic forms examples such as: type of basic form used, how clear and exact the forms are, child’s control of the crayon or marker, and early or late basic forms period.• Compare the differences in pictorial examples such as: early or late period, what basic forms are combined with symbols’ and observable symbols.
discussion 2 for this class Child Welfare and Family
i need a 150 words or more
and this class needs
reference too
In the textbook you read the case study about “David.” Now you are going to take the role of one of the following human services professionals that were likely involved with David and his family
Roles of Human Services Professionals
School counselor
Health advocate
Child protective services worker
Foster care placement worker
Foster parent
Home visitor
Juvenile court worker
Explain how you would intervene with David, his mom, and/or his siblings. (If you think there is another role that you want to use, that is fine.) Be specific when you explain when you would intervene and how David’s story just might have turned out differently because of your intervention. Be sure to identify the various roles along with the intervention strategy.
What are some ethical concerns that may arise? How would you address those concerns?
(When referencing the text, APA paper formatting and citation style must be used.)

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